Can Hair Products Be Harmful?

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We buy various shampoos, conditioners, and styling products out of a desire to care for our hair, but are those products instead damaging our hair? Though we use these products on our hair to keep it looking its best, some of them may, in fact, be substantially harming our hair. The wrong kind of product for our specific hair type, the application of too much product, and in many cases, certain specific ingredients could be causing significant damage on a daily basis.

The Right Ingredients

Many hair care products have formulations featuring a combination of ingredients meant to protect and nourish our hair, but the balance of these ingredients is crucial. Too much protein content not only fails to feed and repair your locks but will instead actually damage the hair shaft and could cause extensive hair breakage.

Moisturizing agents are usually thought of as highly beneficial to our hair care regimen, but too much or too many different kinds of moisturizing ingredients can also lead to hair damageand again, breakage and hair loss. Its not enough to simply have the right ingredients in a hair care product; the right combination and amount of these ingredients are critical to producing healthy, moisturized hair.

Tell-Tale Signs of Damage

If your hair frequently feels dry or is brittle and lacks a certain luster, that is usually a good indicator of the damaging effects of a hair care product. If a product is too harsh or drying for your hair type, it can leech moisture out of the hair shaft over time, which causes that dry, brittle feel and that flat lack of shine.

When hair is dry or brittle, it becomes more and more fragile, which eventually leads to hair breakage and damage to your hair follicles and scalp. To combat dry hair, look for products that promote moisture, but bear in mind that not every hair care product is suitable for every kind of hair, and be sure to look for products that are matched for your hairs specific texture.

Other Symptoms, Other Causes

Harsh or improper chemicals in hair care products, over-processing, and regular use of heat can also lead to significant hair damage. If the ends of your hair are split or frayed, your hair feels stiff or lies flat, or if it doesnt hold a curl for an expected time, these are generally signs of product-caused hair damage that, if left unchecked, could cause breakage and hair loss.

How to Deal with Damaged Hair

To offset all but the most severe damage of this kind, refrain from using heat, trim split or frayed hair ends, and consider deep conditioning your hair with the right type of moisturizing products regularly. If youre suffering from hair loss, contact us to set up a free and confidential consultation byclicking here.

Blog courtesy of Transitions Hair Loss Centers