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5 Tips for Wearing Wigs

June 06, 2022

For women who suffer from extreme hair loss, wigs can be much more than a way to disguise sparse locks. They can provide a sense of normalcy and aid in helping them to regain their confidence. Whether worn daily or for special occ...

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Common Causes of Hair Loss in Women

May 16, 2022

Your hair sheds a little bit every day, and that's a natural part of life. The average woman loses anywhere from 50-100 strands each day, but if you begin to shed or lose significantly more than that or notice that your hair isn't...

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The Benefits & Uses of Hair Systems

April 04, 2022

Nonsurgical hair replacement or hair systems help many people deal with hair loss. It also allows them to regain the appearance of a full head of hair and the confidence that comes with it without surgery.What Is a Hair System?Hai...

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Can Hair Products Be Harmful?

March 22, 2022

We buy various shampoos, conditioners, and styling products out of a desire to care for our hair, but are those products instead damaging our hair? Though we use these products on our hair to keep it looking its best, some of them...

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How to Recognize Early Signs of Hair Loss

February 22, 2022

Several different signs can make you think you may be experiencing hair loss. However, recognizing the early signs can help detect why this is happening and get early support or treatment. Here are a few common signs.Signs of Hair...

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Why Does Stress Cause Hair Loss?

January 11, 2022

There are many symptoms associated withstress: nail-biting, weight loss, irritability, and even in some of the most severe cases, hair loss. But what exactly is it about stress that leads to hair loss?Telogen effluviumUsually, eac...

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